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                                   Machine coolers

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charge air cooling on diesel motor        Coolers bundle ( excl. covers)

Machine coolers, closed circuit coolers

Warmtetransport.nl has the opportunity, together with her relations to offer and deliver the heat exchangers for motors, generators, turbines. Charged air coolers make GEA en BBC can be quoted and delivered. Motor oil, jacket water and exhaust gas can be cooled with shell & tube coolers or plate heat exchangers. The recovered heat can be used for heating of circulation water in central heating systems. When the heat cannot be reused, the excessive heat can be rejected to ambient air by means of dry cooling systems.

With a dry cooling system (complete with fans and steel structure) a motor can fully independently function in all regions where no water is available.

Depending the other cooling water possibilities available, river water or seawater, the material combinations can be chosen in such a way that corrosion can be avoided. The coolers can be build in under mentioned materials, and if necessary  with anodic protection..

Tube material  Cu (SB of SF), CuZn20Al (SoMs 76), CuZn28Sn (SoMs71), CuNi10Fe, CuNi30Fe.

Tubeplates CuAl10Ni (Inox 90R) e.d.

Together with our associates we can deliver swift and reliable. Also all spare part for the mentioned heat exchangers.

The Standard execution

         Cu of CuNi tubes 12mm, met 0,4 mm wall thickness.

         Aluminum compact fins, protected at the outside by "Goldlackierung"

         Messing tubeplates

         Steel headers with Rilsan coating

Mean advantages:

  • Can be used for seawater
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean

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