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                                   Air coolers

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         Air cooled process cooler                                              Air cooler bundle.

Air coolers / air cooled condensors

Warmtetransport.nl can deliver together with the heat exchanger a suitable steel structure complete with fans. Product streams can be cooled with ambient air. Heat from fluids or gasses can easily be removed from the product when no external cooling water is available and without water consumption.( cooling towers)

The medium to be cooled is lead through the finned tubes and ambient air is forged along the outside of the tubes. An air cooler is delivered complete with fans, motors and eventually louvers (jalousie) to have a good control of the cooling process. This type of coolers have a widely range of use and can be delivered in a big variety of executions.

For chemical and petro-chemical industries "air coolers' are designed according the PED, your specification and international codes like API etc.

For the industry there are special standard Cu/Al units. These can be used for cooling water coolers, emergency coolers and such..

We are specialized in “custom made” solutions for our customers. In close cooperation the demands and requirements are discussed and the most suitable solution is offered.

In-expensive solutions are commonly favorable. Our standard is made to be aprox. 1/3 in price than a regular coolers with extended specifications.

The Standard execution is simple, cheap and often sufficient:

·         Execution as a standard dry cooler.

·         SS 316 tubes 15mm, with 0,4 mm wall thickness.

·         Aluminum compact fins, protected on the outside by "Goldlackierung"

·         Construction materials of shaped steel plate with electro statistic protective coating.

Main advantages:

  • No use or consumption of cooling water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low exploitation costs


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