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                                   Plate heat exchangers

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 Plate heat exchanger as motor water cooler                         Motor water cooler

Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are multi usable and very compact.

The fluids pass through the exchanger in countercurrent flow separated from each other by the specially profiled SS 316 plates. Between all plates is a gasket to assure a fluid tide separation.

From all heat exchangers the temperature differences in PHE’s can be the smallest.

We have a large heat exchanging surface combined with small dimensions, which results in very attracting prices compared the f.i. Shell & Tube exchangers.

The standard execution can be opened to clean the plates.

Negative aspect are the high costs for cleaning. When a plate heat exchanger is opened new gaskets are required to assure the unit to be tight closed again. The price of spare gaskets can be as high as 80% of the combined gasket/plate price for new units.

Cleaning of this type of exchanger without opening them is to be preferred. Chemical cleaning, flushing and reverse media flow are good possibilities. Optionally we can deliver extra connections to be use for chemical cleaning.

Plate heat exchangers can be delivered as a soldered execution as well. The SS plates are Cu-soldered under vacuum and the exchanger is closed for the future. ( The media may not be aggressive to Cu!) For clean applications this is perfect solution.

Special executions are always possible like the use of special materials ( titanium, duplex etc.), double plates where the separation of the fluids must be guaranteed, and many other options.

Standard execution: 

·         Plates in SS 316.

·         All connections on the fixed plate if possible.

·         Click–on gaskets of NBR or EPDM rubber.

·         Flange connections directly on the front plate by means of the corresponding hole pattern. The openings through the body plate are sealed with rubber inserts.

·         Fixed plate and loose plate are made from C-steel and coated.

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