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                                   Shell & Tubes

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Small gas coolers                                                    Part of compressed air dryer

Shell & Tubes  (bare tube exchangers)

For many solution a heat exchanger with bare tubes is required. Bare tube heat exchangers like shell and tubes have proven themselves in many solutions. One of the media goes through the tubes and the other around the tubes.

Shell & tubes have several benefit compares to other heat exchanger executions.

The tubes can be easily cleaned at the inside. And (depending the type / execution) the tubes can be mechanically cleaned at the outside as well.

Our manufacturing standard ( Type S ) can be described as: standard is simple but sufficient

·         Tube materials in SS 304 or against small extra costs SS 316.

·         Shell material  SS 304 or 316.

·         Shell with mounting clamps.

·         Connections according the customer wish.

·         Connections on the shell can be welded sockets with internal thread (Din 2986). For big connections we use slip-on flanges or welding flanges.

·         The heat exchanger tubes are preferably make “Sandvik”. Wall thickness 1 mm and 1,5mm.

·         The tubes are welded in both tubeplates.

·         The tubeplates are welded to the shell.

·         Shell with welded on flanges to fit Din 2576.

·         The exchangers are pressure tested with water in the factory.

·         All exchangers are build according the rules of the PED.

Even better prices are possible when it is allowed to use Aluminum slip-on flanges instead of SS, and plate cut flanges with reduced thickness and /or combined with tubeplate etc.

When you have a quotation request we need to know:

Medium 1                              ...........     m3/h.                     ( evt. Steam temperature and pressure)
Inlet temp.                            ...........     °C                          
Outlet temp.                         ...........     °C                          
Allowable pressure loss           ...........     Bar                         ( evt. capacity of the circulation pump)

Medium 2                             ...........     m3/h
Inlet temp.                           ...........     °C
Outlet temp.                         ...........     °C
Allowable pressure loss           ...........     Bar

Most important advantages: 

  • Easy to clean
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Short delivery times
  • Every material combination possible vcc

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