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                                   Air Pre-heaters

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Air pre-heaterwith removable covers                            "hairpin"execution

Air Pre-heaters

For the heating of process air in drying installations and such, the heat exchangers are most common heated by steam. To realize high air temperatures, the saturated steam temperature should always be higher. High pressure steam is expensive so……….

Ambient air inlet temperature is in winter conditions approx. -15°C .. The first step in heating is often a de-icer. (Heating to 5°C ). Depending what sources of “heat' are available the heat exchanger can be designed accordingly. Available amount of warm or hot water, is low pressure steam or medium pressure steam available? We use high pressure steam only for the last heating step.

When other sources of heat ( waist heat) are available in a factory it can be very interesting to investigate if this heat can be used to heat the air steam. We think of the warm or hot water cooling water circuit, flash steam, exhaust gasses or hot process air.

It is possible to recover as much energy from the outlet air as possible and use this to pre heat the inlet air temperature. Heat recovery can be done in a lot of different ways.

When an air stream is heated we cal this an air heater or pre heater. The tubes are finned for an economical exchange of heat between the heating medium (liquids or steam) and the heated air or gas.

Standard execution: ( make GEA )

•  C-steel elliptical tubes.
•  Steel fins, hot dip galvanized.
•  Steam connections on top.
•  Heat exchanger tubes can expand in their own frame.
•  Depending the temperatures the units can be airtight to tot 0,1 Bar.
•  Steel parts are protected to corrosion by a zinc rich paint system.
•  Airside frame not drilled with holes for attachment to counter flanges.

Most important benefits:


  • Elliptical shaped tubes have lower air-side pressure-loss compared to round tubes.
  • All material choices available
  • Short delivery-times
  • We can deliver the units shop mounted with ducts and transition parts.




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