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Heat exchangers by Warmtetransport.nl B.V.

Your independent partner for heat exchangers and thermodynamics on the Dutch market. Warmtetransport.nl is a “Besloten Vennootschap”, with its seat in Boijl and registered at the chamber of commerce with number 24347941.

Because of our long experience with the heat exchangers and products of GEA, and the proven quality hereof, the heat exchangers of GEA are preferably used in our projects.

We sell heat exchangers from several GEA factories, and in close cooperation with GWA GmbH ( www.gwa-berlin.de ) from Germany.

Heat exchangers come in different executions and sizes. Our knowledge and experience is to your disposal to select the most suitable design. In all phases of your project we can be of service to you with:

·         Thermodynamic calculations and design.

·         Layout and  required plot area.

·         Budget for the equipment.

·         Supply of the selected products.

Warmtetransport.nl sells heat exchangers of the make GEA, but also ‘not GEA’ suppliers can be quoted. We have own production possibilities in the Netherlands, when required. We join our efforts with respectable companies for production, assembly and service.

Warmtetransport.nl can be of service in all your projects, as long as heat exchangers are part of the project. We design according the European rules, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). We can use the codes for applicable pressure equipment like EN-13445, EN 13480, En 12952 etc., and industrial codes  like API, Tema, ASME etc.

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